About Us

Mid-America Machine opened for business in 1987 in a 400 square foot facility with two employees.  Presently we work in a 30,000 sq ft. building and have 28 employees.

Although we can do almost any kind of machine shop work, our specialty is centrifugal air compressors.  We have worked on most types of centrifugal air compressors through the years and have a strong working knowledge of them.  Our parts have been distributed nationally and internationally through local service companies.  So, if you have purchased or have had any aftermarket parts repaired in the Mayfield area, there is a good chance that you already have some of our work.

The coolors, diffusers, pinions, air seals & oil seals that we manufacture have successfully been on the market for over 20 years.  Our 5 axis machine impellers have also performed very well in the market place for over 15 years.  All of our parts are 100% American made.

About 45% of our sales are from repairing damaged compressor parts.  The special techniques that we have developed to use for these repairs result in a quality part that compares to the original new product in strength and durability.  Repaired products give the customer an option to purchasing new parts and can result in a great cost savings.

Our primary goal at Mid-America has not been financial gain, although undeniably money is important.  Our goal is two-fold:  1) to provide a good work place for our employees.  2) and to provide quality parts for our customers at a lower cost.  We believe that both goals are equally important.

Our business was started and is based on Christian principles and each day we strive to work hard, treat people fairly, be honest in all dealings, and help others wherever possible.  We work very hard to try to meet every customer's expectations and to treat them with respect and appreciation.

Thank you for checking out our website.  We look forward to hearing from you.